My personal review of yamaha WR250R
03/01/2014 13:52:55
After reading many reviews and forums on all the bikes; I purchased the 2008 yamaha WR250R. I very happy with the bike. It gets 75mpg with only 200 miles on it and cruises 75mph all day at half throttle. This bike is great in the dirt. I can creep through the trails and have instant torque because of the fuel injection. The bike has virtualy no vibration. Very smooth acceleration. A unique sound that sound futuristic. The suspension handles big bumps and jumps similar to the YZ250. I've owned 7 bikes and this one is by far the one!
i hope this post can help you in you bike search.
03/01/2014 13:56:00
75 mph all day at half throttle? WOW! That means it'll cruise for a week at 45 mph at half throttle, and a month and a half at 1/4 throttle at 25 mph. Next try cruising at 10 mph for a year and a half and get back to us...
03/01/2014 13:56:50
Thanks. From what I have been reading, the WR may actually be WORTH the $1000 price difference over the other choices (KLX250S, CRF230S, XT250).
03/01/2014 13:57:41
I'll wait until we see if the engines grenade after 50 hours.
03/01/2014 13:58:47
I have 10k on mine, and have yet to replace anything but tires. The maintenance schedule is incredible (valve adjust at 46k). Redline is at 11,5. Yes this bike can do 100 mph. Yes this bike can get 80mpg (I've done both). I found it was a little long legged in the bush with the 13t up front, but switching to a 12t fixed that and made the use of the rest of the gears more attainable. I run this bike on both pavement and dirt, and it's stupid fun. The list of mods you can do are endless. You can get a turbo for it (although I wouldn't suggest using that on the R, the X would be better as it is street-oriented). I've owned many different bikes and so far, this one has taken my heart. The price difference isn't an issue when you factor in that it supersedes the other 'competition' with their antiquated builds.
03/01/2014 13:59:21
A turbocharged dual-sport 250? Do it! Wow...
03/01/2014 13:59:49
IIRC, your bike is a WR250F, not R or X. Is that not correct? Different bikes, you know.
03/01/2014 14:01:02
No, it's a WR250R, not the F. Yeah, HUGE difference. As for the turbo, a guy on the WR forum I help admin has an X with the turbo. It's one hot little bike.
03/01/2014 14:01:39
Great information! I totally agree with all.thanks.....
03/01/2014 14:02:11
Nice mymotoman1... Enjoyed your motorcycle..





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